Lake Worth Restoration Company - Water Leaks Detection


It can be unanimously agreed upon that water is the most precious yet scarce resource on this Earth that needs preservation by all means. Apart from its usage in households and commercial spaces in gallons, a large percentage of water consumption is linked to water leakages that is left unnoticed. Evasive leaks aren’t the most apparent issue, which is why you’d notice water levels declining even when you use the same amount of water that you always have. This is exactly why you should avail Lake Worth Restoration Company’s first-rate water leak detection services.

With our sturdy experience in Lake Worth, FL area and state-of-the-art tools, we can detect water leaks faster and fix it in a matter of a few minutes!

Why water leak detection?

It might just be one corner of your house that has got a roof that’s leaking, or it’d be merely that kitchen sink’s pipe that would have water trickling down in droplets, and it all doesn’t sound like a biggie. But that’s when our lax attitude can ruin it all. Just because it isn’t something big yet, doesn’t mean that it can’t get any worse. Always remember that the issues that begin small inside your space can always turn monstrous!

Be warned if you find your water flow to be poorer than before, or if you notice the water levels declining. They are all tell-tale signs for a leaky roof or a burst pipe or some sort of water damage. However, it is not always the job of a layman to detect leaks that aren’t apparent and fixing them, rather it’s the expertise of water damage restoration technicians to detect and provide the perfect solution. Detecting water leaks in the earlier stages will allow you to prevent something catastrophic that could occur later on such as mold formation, or water trickling into building materials and objects.

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Tell-tale signs of water leakage:

  • Lake Worth Restoration Company Lake Worth, FL 561-342-1965Metallic parts corroding
  • Damp floor, carpet or ceiling
  • Water bills are shooting up for no known reason
  • Odor wafting in the space
  • Discoloration of walls or ceiling
  • Sound of water running down when the taps are closed
  • Wallpaper peeling off

Detection the right way: Non-invasive methods

When you call in a technician in Lake Worth, FL area to fix or detect leaks, a typical one would merely bring his jackhammer, a mask tape and a couple of other objects that aren’t exactly the most apt ones for leak detection and water damage restoration. Lake Worth Restoration Company is a firm with an objective to end amateur work, which is why our services are professional, long lasting, and done with cutting-edge tools.

Detection of leaks is exactly what we must begin with, not rushing to re-pipe without knowing the cause. We possess the right technology to detect water leakages, such as acoustic sensors, snake cameras, moisture detection equipment, thermal imaging camera and so on. These advanced tools enable us to detect leaks and causes within a short period – and without causing any damage!

Impressed by our professionalism? Are you finding yourself ticking the tell-tale signs of water leaks? Then give us a quick call on 561-342-1965 for consultation!