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Time and tide waits for none, and damages caused due to fire and water have no patience to ruin the property, rather ends up creating a havoc, and that too an unimaginable one. When the property gets flooded, water seeps into some of the most crucial places at your home. It could be your expensive wooden furniture, electric boards, or any other furnishing that’s affected. Regardless of where the damage has been done, or to what extent, when you need damage restoration services, you can count on Lake Worth Restoration Company.

It’s not just about water damage! When a fire breaks out, and the smoke odor fills your space, and soot settles seemingly for an eternity on your precious property, it can indeed be extremely unsettling to reside there. But worry not over such an issue, because our experts will arrive right at your doorstep and resolve it all in a jiffy!

We provide a wide-range of services in the Lake Worth, FL area. We mitigate water and fire damages caused in residential and commercial spaces. Our mitigation services include removing extra moisture seeped into objects, expiating smoke’s odor, restoration of structural damage, prevention of mold formation and many others. Just a call on 561-342-1965 is enough to bring our services to your doorstep.

Our 24/7 service umbrella covers the following sectors:


Got leaky faucets, or do you fear mold formation due to wet walls? Did a fire breakout recently? Whatever the issue maybe, they are never too small to be ignored! Be on your feet, and give us a call to have the perfect restoration services at your door! We are known to be the best water and fire damage restoration services in the Lake Worth, FL area, and thus, you can be assured of our quality services.


Fire breakouts, flood, storms are never preferable incidents for businesses. Apart from harming human lives, it can greatly harm the business flow and cause severe damages to the building and the property inside. Do not worry if your business is going through a difficult time due to fire/water damage post-destruction! Avail the help of Lake Worth Restoration Company for the finest water/fire damage restoration services in the area!

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Water Leaks Detection

It can be unanimously agreed upon that water is the most precious yet scarce resource on this Earth that needs preservation by all means. Apart from its usage in households and commercial spaces in gallons, a large percentage of water consumption is linked to water leakages that is left unnoticed. Evasive leaks aren’t the most apparent issue, which is why you’d notice water levels declining even when you use the same amount of water that you always have. This is exactly why you should avail Lake Worth Restoration Company’s first-rate water leak detection services. Click here to read more...

Flood Damage Restoration

Since the beginning of time, we have all dreaded Nature’s cursing disasters. As time passed by, our properties grew and our possessions have become both pricey and precious to us. There is no way we could imagine losing them all. But Nature has its plans and thus when disaster strikes, your house can get flooded. It could also be brought about by some sort of internal damage at home that may have sent water gushing all around the space. Things such as these would set you in a frenzy, and that’s understandable. Click here to read more...

Mold Remediation

Noticed a leaky roof recently that you got corrected with a plumber? Chances are for your space to not have still dried up. Areas affected by water leaks or any other water damage can most likely be wet with the dampness of all the water that trickled deep and lingered. When these aren’t dried properly (and in most cases when the fixture is done by amateur plumbers, they are not), mold formation takes its invitation and begins to grow. Click here to read more...

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage experiences are never pleasing, from broken pipes to malfunctioning washing machine’s breakout, things are never predictable when it comes to water destruction. While at the initial stages, the worry is all about things getting soggy and ruined, the long lasting concerns are generally the ones that can result in greater ramifications. However, these long lasting ruins can be caused merely within a day or two after the water damage, which is why you need to seek immediate remediation! Click here to read more...

Fire Damage Restoration

If there is one thing that can be a nightmare for everyone in the kitchen- then it has to be the fear of not putting the flame off, or switching off the oven, and the likes of it. The fear of fire breakouts are real, and undoubtedly, has been one of the most common occurrences since time immemorial. Click here to read more...

Reconstruction And Remodeling

Time doesn’t wait to turn things older and weak, and unfortunately our properties are the biggest victims to it. While general deterioration is present at times, other pressing factors such as floods, storms, fire and hurricanes come as uninvited guests and reduce the space to shambles. Click here to read more...