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Lake Worth Restoration Company Lake Worth, FL 561-342-1965Noticed a leaky roof recently that you got corrected with a plumber? Chances are for your space to not have still dried up. Areas affected by water leaks or any other water damage can most likely be wet with the dampness of all the water that trickled deep and lingered. When these aren’t dried properly (and in most cases when the fixture is done by amateur plumbers, they are not), mold formation takes its invitation and begins to grow.

Mold formations aren’t just unsightly; rather it can pose serious health hazards, and can affect the quality of air inside the space. Whether it’s in your attic, basement, or bathrooms, the harmful effects of it can waft throughout the place. Do not worry if you’ve got it at your home! Ring Lake Worth Restoration Company quickly on 561-342-1965 for mold remediation!  

Mold: The silent yet deadly contaminant

You can’t really see the mold growing in most cases. At times, yes, but most of the times, it doesn’t grow in obvious places.

You would notice the black spots on your wall. If not that, you can detect mold formation by sensing its odor. The odor indicates that mold is growing in the cavities or ceiling. These are parasitic elements, and hence they feed themselves on the organic matter to evolve and double by reproducing. The allergens and irritants they produce on the surface can cause health hazards that are a sure-shot sign that you have mold growing in your home! 

Our team will stop its growth, and clear up the space. 

Mold removal Vs. Mold remediation: What you don’t know

‘Mold removal’ is not a thing, and we are pretty sure that the businesses out there in Lake Worth, FL area have convinced you that they guarantee 100% removal of mold formation.

Mold spores are all around, and they are not capable of being seen with naked eyes. But once you provide them with right resources to grow, they begin growing and become more apparent. All they need is water and a food source, and it doesn’t remain tamed anymore once those elements are provided. At Lake Worth Restoration Company we study all these from the roots which is why we possess the right expertise and tools to remediate mold formation and cut the source of its growth. 

How we work?

The damage caused by mold is different, which is why a pre-made solution does not work for all. Thus, solutions for mold remediation differs according to the type of mold formation. Our team has the expertise, experience and knowledge to remediate it the right way.

What we do?

Detection: Using state-of-the-art tools and technology, we firstly detect the mold.

Remediation: Combining exclusive chemical agents and UV lights, our technicians will clear the mold growth and sanitize the area.

Odor removal: Mold formation tends to leave an odor that is often very unbearable. We use deodorization techniques to eliminate this stench from your space.

Prevention: The only way to prevent further mold formation is to remove moisture from deep within the wall or floor. Thus, we ensure that we complete this step with efficiency.

Mold formation isn’t an issue that you can afford to be nonchalant about! Clear the mold and prevent its further growth with the help of our mold remediation services in Lake Worth, FL area! To avail it, ring us up on 561-342-1965!